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hi i'm keli and i love homestuck, anime, disney movies, harry potter, the hunger games, marvel, video games, cooking, cosplaying and tea. My ask box is always open I may not be no therapist but come talk to me if you need it or your just lonely!

tatum sorry this is late but her you are happy birthday!
i can’t even tell you how thankful and indebted i am to your mother because she gave birth to you. my life and others around me would be worlds different! it would have taken me forever to get out of my weeaboo stage wouldn’t have gotten into homestuck met like almost all of our friends that make up the ohana. i honestly cant imagine what it would be like without you now i feel safe and loved around you all and i never want that to go away ; u ;. you have been through some much shit and deal with even more on a daily basis and when all that shit has been moved to the dump you help everyone else with there shit your like a super garbage man! Im just so greatful you bit the bullet and became my friend tatum and know ill always be there like you are and have been for me!

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    ahhhh thank you keli i just saw this :33 i love you also EXCELLENT picture choices im cry
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